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Our vision

To generate value through sustainable, innovation-driven growth and global reach

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40 years of experience in delivering complex projects, specializing in tech solutions and services.

Intrakat signs agreements totaling € 357 million with Fraport Greece for the construction projects at the 14 regional airports of Greece


Following an agreement with Vodafone-Panafon, Intracom Holdings transfers its holding in HOL, at an enterprise value of € 311m.

Intracom Holdings signs an agreement with Dubai investors for the sale of its 49% interest in Intracom Telecom for €47 million total benefit.


Intrakat undertakes major railway and road construction infrastructure projects in joint venture and on its own.

2012 intracom intrasoft

Intrasoft International provides information, telecommunication and software development services to EU agencies and state organizations in the Middle East and Africa worth over €136 million.

2011 intracom intrasoft

Intracom IT Services merges into Intrasoft International.

2010 intracom-eumap

Intracom IT signs new software development and support agreements worth over €40 million in Europe and the Middle East.

Intracom Telecom signs new contracts worth €196 million.

2009 intracom-ide

IDE signs production and support agreements worth €71 million with NATO’s Maintenance and Supply Agency and Raytheon.

2008 intracom-eskort

Intracom IT Denmark acquires Eskort, while INTRASOFT International acquires Lavisoft’s SAP department.

HOL is listed on the Athens Exchange.

2007 intracom-hol

Agreement for the acquisition of Attica Telecommunications by HOL.

Cooperation agreement between HOL and Vodafone

2006 intracom-sitronics

Intracom Holdings fully acquires HOL (hellas on line).

JSC Sitronics, a subsidiary of JSFC Sistema, acquires a 51% stake in Intracom Telecom.

2005 intracom-holdings

Intracom is transformed into a holding company and renamed Intracom Holdings, parent company of newly created subsidiaries Intracom Telecom, Intracom IT Services and Intracom Defense Electronics (IDE).  

2004 intracom-work

Distinguished as one of the top-10 Greek and one of the top-100 European companies with the best work environment.

2003-intracom 2004

Participation in consortium selected as the exclusive supplier of IT equipment to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.


Establishment of the non-profit Athens Information Technology (AIT) center for excellence.

2001 intracom-50countries

Exports to more than 50 countries.

The first Greek company to be certified under the ISO 9001:2000 Quality standard.


Exclusive strategic alliance with Cisco Systems.

New projects for the modernization of the telecommunications networks of Armenia and Moldova.

1999 intracom-40countries

Undertaking of network infrastructure deployment for mobile providers Cosmorom and Cosmote.

Significant participation in modernization programs for the Hellenic Armed Forces, and NATO and WEAG research programs.

1998 intracom-netmod

Initial production and sales of the Netmod ISDN modem in Greece and abroad.

1997 intracom-ios

The installation of OPAP’s on line computer network is initiated.

The IoS (Internet over Satellite) product receives a European award.

intracom 1996

Establishment of INTRASOFT International in Luxemburg.

1995 intracom-propo

Launch of the first computerized version of the PRO-PO sports lottery.

Intracom microelectronics center recognized as a national hub for industrial research, design and development.

1994 intracom-forces

Assignment of large scale defense projects for the Hellenic Armed Forces.

1993 intracom-intrarom

Establishment of Intracom in Romania.

Installation of the Attica telecommunications ring network.

Awarded the development of the TAXIS national tax revenue system. 

1992 intracom-defense

Participation in Panafon, Vodafone’s Greek venture.

Establishment of Intralot and Intrakat. 

1991 intracom-iso

The first Greek company to be certified under the ISO 9001 international quality standard.

Deployment of a modern telecommunications network in Piraeus and implementation of the first national energy management and control system for the Greek PPC.

Exports account for 12% of annual turnover.

1990- ntracom-stock

Listing of Intracom on the Athens Stock Exchange.

1989 intracom-digital-ote

Installation of the first digital exchange in Greece for OTE, the country’s national telecom organization.

1988 intracom-ote

Launch of the gigantic project to upgrade and modernize Greece’s national telecommunications network. Agreement to supply the Greek telecom OTE with AXE-10 digital exchanges, in cooperation with Ericsson.

Agreement with OPAP, the state-licensed lottery and sports-betting operator, for the supply and installation of an advanced IT system.

1987 intracom-intrasoft.

Establishment of Intrasoft.

1986 intracom-digitalization

Participation in the modernization and digitalization of Greece’s national telecommunications network with the majority of systems manufactured in Greece by Greek engineers.

1985-83 intracom-rnd

Development of an advanced infrastructure for the research, development and production of cutting edge telecommunication systems.

Expansion into the energy infrastructure sector.

1984 intracom-relocation

Relocation to new, company-owned facilities in Peania.

1982-77 intracom-production

Rapid expansion in the design, development and production of telecommunications products and systems. 

1977 intracom-building

Intracom is founded with an initial workforce of 10 employees. 



innovation bulb

Ongoing investment in cutting edge thinking and technology.

our people


We believe in our people and encourage them to unleash their potential.

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We are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to benefit the planet, its people and the economy.

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Key Assets

INTRAKAT, one of the top five construction companies in Greece with a steadily growing international presence, undertakes advanced technology infrastructure, renewable energy, telecom, real estate and environmental projects.
INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) is the leading company in electronics, advanced communication systems and software applications in the defense and security area in Greece. IDE participates in international development and production programs in partnership with major international contractors. Currently IDE is expanding its activities in surveillance, reconnaissance and security systems, in the design and manufacturing of hybrid energy systems, as well as in unmanned vehicles (UAVs and USVs).